Safer from threats.

At Zoranga, we set the standard for fraud prevention by delivering holistic security solutions to minimise fraud across major payment types and channels - including online, offline or mobile payments. We keep an unwavering focus to stay ahead of cyber crooks through innovating and investing in industry-leading technology.

Information well-guarded.

Your security is our top priority. We combine world-class anti-fraud detection with 24/7 account monitoring to keep you safer. Your personal and financial details are securely encrypted to ensure your money and information stays safer when you pay with Zoranga. Plus, your financial information is never shared.

Password Security

When you log in to your account, we take precautions to protect your account. First, whenever you log in to your Zoranga account, you log in using a secure server connection (https://). We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption, the industry standard in secure server protection.

Your account is also protected by a unique password created by you. You should not use common words or phrases as your password. Instead, your password should be at least six characters, comprising both numbers and letters in both upper and lower case. We also recommend that you keep this password confidential. Sharing your password can compromise the security of your Zoranga account.